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Espai 3Temps is born from the need to find a space for exploration of the movement, where multidisciplinary tools can be applied while creating a meeting point for professionals and students, seeking an exchange of ideas and methodologies.


Regular Classes


Acroyoga springs from three disciplines: yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. A deep practice of body and mental awareness. You will use the body as a means of expression to create a way to communicate and find a balance with your training group.


Relax and find your physical and mental balance. Increase your flexibility and muscle strength as you gain awareness and learn to listen to your body. 

Partner Acrobatics

Learn the basics of the acrobatic porté (acrobatics in duos or trios), both static figures and dynamic exercises, working from trust in the couple and colleagues and the development of the technique safely.

Contemporary dance

Make your body express itself in the most authentic way through dance and movement. Gain body and spatial awareness, using your breath, with the fluidity of movement without tension and with consciousness, enhancing your creativity.


The search for the balance of our body on the hands is an exciting (and addictive) world. Great work is developed at the physical and psychological level: the progress achieved with daily practice contributes to a feeling of personal improvement and an increase in self-esteem.

Aerial silks

The most sensitive of aerial dance apparatuses, fabrics react to all movements. It is a suspension technique, so all the muscles are activated and the body reacts to gravity. You tone, strengthen and work flexibility and in turn relieve tensions, even emotionally.

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